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Paul Giesbrecht

Paul immigrated with his family to Canada in 2001. After finishing High School, he enrolled at the Canadian Mennonite University for his Bachelor of Music on the Violin. Unfortunately due to an accident his career was cut short, but Paul discovered a new passion for Sales, Management and Leadership. From 2019 to 2022 he was the President of the St. Catharines Business Club in Ontario where he successfully lead the 65 Year old Club through the pandemic. Since moving to Nova Scotia Paul joined the NSGCA as well as the Dartmouth Toastmasters in Leadership Roles.

He enjoys classical music, concerts, hiking, swimming, Formula 1 and spending time with friends.  


Richard Verhuelsdonk
Vice President 

Born and raised in Munich, Richard did his journeyman and master craftsman in electrical engineering after graduating from high school.

He discovered his fascination for Canada very early on and explored the country on many trips. However, there were other goals in his life. He successfully built up several companies and started a family.

At some point, however, the opportunity arose to set foot in Canada with his family, dog and cats. He now has another company in Canada and can at least temporarily call Halifax his new home. Nevertheless, he finds it important for himself and his family not to forget his German roots.

This led him to discover the NSGCA more accidentally. Here he found a way to combine old and new. When he got the chance to become a member of the board, it was immediately clear to him that he wouldn't turn down the offer.

 In addition to his duties for his family and owner of an electrical installation company in Canada, he now also holds the position of Vice President.


Hans Grautefestert


Bea Villani
Events Coordinator 

In 1965 Hans moved to Canada from Bochum, Germany, by way of ship. After living in Vancouver for a while Hans decided to come back to the East Coast. With years of experience as a Carpenter, bee keeper and in the restaurant industry, he joined the Zatman Sportscomplex and has been their Porter and Housekeeping Coordinator for over 35 Years. 

Hans is a bit of a hobbiest, with his favourite activities including woodworking,

pin collecting, reading about health and wellness, listening to music, and gardening. Hans loves German Food and staying connected to his roots which lead him to joining the NSGCA and becoming an integral part in its operation. 

Bea Villani is a true Swabian from Lake Constance. Prior to settling in Nova Scotia, she lived in Tessin, Stuttgart, Toronto and Düsseldorf. Through her sales career

Bea was able to travel across Atlantic Canada, and couldn’t tell you the nicest spot! Besides exercising and meeting with her dear friends she spends her time volunteering for ElderDog Canada.

As a board member of the NSGCA it is Bea's distinct pleasure that she can contribute to the ongoing sharing, and upholding, of the historically significant german-speaking culture here in Nova Scotia.

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